Way Too Cool 18 watt Triple SW/MW/LW Universal Power Lamp

This is my goto light for night rockhounding, I can easily switch in between short, medium and long-wave. Despite it is a big heavy (built like a tank!), it is reliable, and I am able to use it for long hour. Sometimes, I put a shoulder strap to make my life easier.

Way Too Cool 190 watt SW Mineral Display Lamp

This is my display lamp for the 4 x 2 x 2 feet display case. There are 2 95W tube inside, you can turn on either one tube (95W) for strong reacting fluorescent minerals, or both (190W) for weaking reacting fluorescent minerals.

Engenious Designs C255-4 – High Power Shortwave UVC Flashlight

Engenious Designs B310-4 – High Power Midwave UVB Flashlight

Engenious Designs High Power longwave UVA Flashlight

I like them because they are small and portable. I use them to check the minerals most of the time. They are strong, I bring them to the rock shows and most of the time you can see the fluorescent under the normal light. They tend to get hot quickly, so I am still hesitated to turn them on for long time.

Work gloves

To protect your hand!

Fabric pots, 7 gallons

I used to have the 5-galllons buckets from the Lowe’s. Then I found these in Amazon, and immediately retire the bucket. They are foldable, don’t take much space, and I can easily put them inside the luggage. Unlike the bucket, they can stand in the uneven ground, which is of great help!

Safety goggles

To protect your eye from the UV lights. They work great even with my glasses on. It is better to be safe than sorry!

Grill cover

Great for rockhounding in the day time!

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