Here’s what I use for labeling the fluorescent minerals:

I label the minerals with two-letter country abbreviation, follows by number. For example, my first mineral from Greenland was labeled as GL-001.

If the mineral is coming from US, two-letter country abbreviation, follows by state abbreviation and number. For example, the second mineral from Nevada was labeled as US-NV-002.

The label is sticked in the less presentable side of the minerals, preferably flat surface.

Once I put the minerals in the box, I also put a label outside of the box indicating that are inside that box.

For cataloging, I use MS PowerPoint and MS Excel. I separate the minerals according to the states or countries. These are the information for each mineral:

  • Image of mineral under white lights and UV lights, short-, medium-, and/or long-wave depend on their reactivity, phosphorescent and tenebrescent images if present.

  • ID number.

  • Type of minerals and their colors under particular wavelength of UV light.

  • Wavelength of UV light used in this image.

  • Locale of mineral.

  • Date acquired or purchased. For purchase, I indicate whom and where I bought it from, and price.

  • Dimension.

  • Weight.

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