Last Thursday (21 April 2022), special guests, Erik Rintamaki, Patrick Bigos and Gary Croad, visited my fluorescent mineral museum!

Erik Rintamaki is well known for his discovery of Yooperlites in Michigan. Yooperlites is the name of rock that is syenite-rich fluorescent sodalite. Under the long-wave UV lights, they fluoresce orange or yellow colors. No one know they ever exist in Michigan, particularly along the shores of Lake Superior, until Erik Rintamaki discovered them in 2017, and he named them “Yooperlites”! Check out his website at:

The first and second pictures were taken in my place, third and fourth pictures were taken when I met Erik in Tucson Gem and Mineral Show back in February this year, and he showed me his beautiful collection of Yooperlites.

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